People Music virtual academy

Great musicians aren't born that way. They come from countless hours of work in basements, bedrooms, garages and practice rooms, perfecting their skills so that when you finally get together with other musicians, you get to look up, open you eyes and ears, and focus on making music and inspiring people. Music brings people together, so imagine if you didn't need to be alone while practicing? Imagine you had a coach and could develop these skills in a group to keep you on track and be part of a community. That's what the People Music Academy is all about.  

Advanced Band instruments

First 7 days free, then $120CAD for 4 week program

This program is if you have been playing for more than 4 years or would consider yourself advanced.


The People Music Virtual Academy (PMVA) takes a completely new yet all at once tried and tested approach to developing great musicians.  Born in the practice rooms of award-winning musicians from around the world, the program builds on a few basic truths. To get good, and stay good, an artist needs:

  1. Regular and consistent practice in key areas of their art and craft 
  2. A good environment to develop in, which means being guided by, encouraged and supported by great mentors and like-minded peers, often! 
  3. FUN! As much as possible, you have to enjoy your artistic journey even through the practicing, otherwise, sooner or later, you’ll put your instrument down. 

With those factors in mind, our Academy is not your typical music school.  Students who register for the program are held accountable to attend twice weekly practice sessions with their lead/instructor.  Your instructor will hold "office hours" every week by appointment where you will have one-on-one access to your instructor (limited weekly availability). But most of the time is spent in practicing together, under the eye of the lead. The many benefits of our approach include: 

  • Regular accountability to work through meaningful exercises under the eye of an instructor. 
  • Enough time spent practicing your instrument in the academy sessions to see visible improvement. 
  • No time wasted driving to and from any sessions. 
  • Establishing good practice habits
  • PDF Syllabus booklets
  • Working in a group where you’ll meet like-minded friends, learn from one another, and experience how fun it is to work away at your craft in a group setting. 

Affordability! Typical music lessons can cost anywhere from $40 to $100 per session and that’s if you can even manage to book time with a top instructor. Month long PMVA courses start at just $120, which includes 8 sessions and access to individual briefings with your instructor. 

The idea is beautifully simple.  Imagine you were able to be a fly on the wall in your John Coltrane's practice room when he was developing, and you could quietly listen, copy and practice along. What if you could sit in on an Ella Fitzgerald, Kamasi Washington or brad Mehldau practice session and hear what it was that he did every day to develop his skills. In that vein, our instructors will teach you and walk with you through what it takes to improve upon and ultimately master your instrument, all in the comfort of our at home practice studio (or kitchen, or garage)!  Let us be your discipline, your guides, and your community to develop in!